Memorial Homecoming
Ernie Jones
Homecoming Princess

Decorated Nash

Late one Sunday afternoon a couple of weeks ago an old friend called. He was wondering if I would be interested in driving my 1946 Nash (Model 4640) for a local high school's home coming ceremony during the half time of the game. "Let me get this straight" I said. "You want me to drive my Nash (one of my favorite things to do) for a local high school." "Yep" he replied. "Not only do you want me to drive, but there's going to be pretty young ladies in the back." "Yep" he replied. "And these young ladies will be all dressed up in fancy evening gowns?" "Yep" he replies. This was pretty much a no-brainer for me so I accepted the invitation.

I arrived at the football field at about 7:30 along with 4 others from different car clubs. There were 6 members of the court and only 5 cars. However, one of the girls had a family emergency that required she be out of the area that night. It was her desire that her car drive around with no one in the back in memory of a fellow student who lost her life in a tragic road rage disaster a few months earlier. Someone decided that I was the one to be first in line and drive the Freshman princess. After circling the field I was to then go around a second time, only with out anyone in the car for this memorial drive.

At half time of the game the girls got in the cars and we drove around the track, one at a time. As we approached the visitor's stand the crowd cheered as the rider in the back of my car waved to them. But this time many of the people sitting in the home team grand stand had crowded down along the track. I'd like to think they wanted a better look at my old Nash, but I suspect they wanted a better look at the young lady in the back. As I got even with the crowed they all started to cheer, whistle and holler. At the grand stand I stopped, got out of the car, and opened the door as her escort came to escort her into the stands.

After I returned to the starting location a sign was placed on my car. There was so much going on I never got a chance to see what it said. After the others had gone thru the line I started around the track again only with no one in the back of the car. When I got up to the crowd at the home team side of the field the cheers and whistling started again. Then the announcer started to describe to the audience that the one princess was not able to attend and it was her desire that her car be driven empty in memory of her friend, Georgia Pemberton, who lost her life in the road rage situation. As the announcer was speaking the crowed ceased the cheers and whistling and broke into spontaneous applause. When I came to a stop in front of the grandstand three young men in tuxedos stepped forward and each placed a bouquet of flowers on the hood of my car. I hesitated for a few seconds and then drove off.

It was exciting enough to have the opportunity to participate in a home coming event at this high school. But, it was truly an honor to participate in a memorial for this young lady who lost her life while out on a prom date last spring.