Terry's Auto Museum

Terry's private museum is located near Denver, Colorado. Terry writes: "I started about 12 years ago with my Dad's 54 Ambassador. I pulled it out of a field where it sat rusting away for 18 years. It took 3 years to get it back on the road but once I drove it I was hooked and wanted more! I have about 360 cars mostly Nash, Rambler & AMC but do have a few X brand cars. I like all cars but do favor the Nash & AMC most. I had the garage built 9 years ago to hold the 30 cars I had at the time. I started opening the garage to our local Metropolitan club for a club picnic. Many of the Met people are also in other clubs so the news traveled fast about the garage being a cool place to gather for club events. Last summer I hosted 18 clubs! The Met club was here for the 8th time this summer and will be back in 2003. I do not open the museum to the general public but car people are always welcome to visit. Feel free to e-mail or call anytime.–Terry, 303-646-9063"
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